BigToken Review 2019: Is it Legit or Scam? Does It Pay?

Is BigToken legit or scam? Does the site really pay you in Paypal? Keep reading this Bigtoken review to find out the truth.

My 100% Honest BigToken Review (See Proof Below)

What is BigToken?

BigToken is a data collection app owned by Spax, Inc (NASDAQ: SPAX) that pays you money for filling out surveys and answering short simple questions.

How to Start Earning Money Right Now

It's simple to sign up and download the app but first I ask you to use the link below and my referral code so I can add you to my team. Once you sign up under my account, I will be able to message you and follow up with more information on earning more money

  1. Click this link -> Download BigToken
  2. Download the app and paste this referral code under the referral box: 4M04CG70L
  3. Leave a comment below this post so I can verify your sign up and add you to our private team.

Earning Money On the App

Once you download the app, you won't get a lot of surveys for the first couple of hours. I recommend waiting for few hours until you start seeing more offers. Fill out your profile completely to get more surveys if you don't see many.

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